Eight Posture Sins

There are a number of bad habits that are harmful to your posture and we’re guilty of them too! Below are the eight deadly posture sins.

  1. The shoulder slump 

    This is the most common cause of bad posture. Hunching forward can result in shoulder tension, headaches and neck pain. The shoulder slump is most prominent when texting or sitting down. Dr Lauren Pienaar states that “sitting is the new smoking” since sitting for long periods of time can lead to health complications.

  1. Sitting with your legs crossed 

    When your legs are crossed, your pelvis rolls forwards, causing you to lean to one side and this also places pressure on your lower back.

  1. Not moving 

    Sedentary behaviour can be harmful and lead to poor posture. It is important to stand up and move. A common myth is that if your back hurts you shouldn’t move but staying active is key. Head on over to Stand Up To Sitting to find out how to reduce sedentary behaviour.

  1. Stomach sleeper

    When you sleep on your stomach, your neck twists to one side, creating a twist along the spine and pressure on your shoulders. Sleeping on your back or side are much better positions.


  1. Hyper-extending 

    Overarching your spine can be harmful to your body and posture. Your aim is to stay in an upright position and prevent tension in your muscles and joints. Head on over to our previous post on How To: Stand to find out ways to keep your back straight.

  1. Lifting with your back

    You can end up injuring your back when lifting heavy objects. Use your legs rather than your back to lift objects, even if the object isn’t heavy.


  1. Heavy bags

    The weight of your bag can cause you to lean on one side or can lead to back pain. Check out our blog post on backpacks to find out how to wear your bag properly.

  1. Unequally distributed weight

    When you’re sitting or standing you often find yourself leaning to one side. This puts pressure on one side of your body, causing your spine to bend in an unnatural way. Make sure you evenly distribute your weight!



Lifting Info graphic: http://comprehensivepainmanagementcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Correct-Lifting-Posture.jpg

Sleeping Info graphic: https://www.sciencedump.com/sites/default/files/styles/article_width/public/field/gallery/tumblr_nholwgxFvp1s819puo1_1280.png?itok=dIEOA80Z




6 thoughts on “Eight Posture Sins”

  1. Wow i’m surprised to hear that sleeping on your back is better, and the added benefit of reducing wrinkles! Kind of a relief because that is the natural way I sleep and I always assumed it would be bad for your neck and spine based on pillow position and turning your head. Now I guess I can sleep easy 😉

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