Is sitting really a silent killer?

Sitting down for long periods of time can lead to health complications and have a negative effect on your posture. @standuptositting explains the effects of sitting down for too long and ways you can combat sedentary behaviour.

Stand Up to Sitting

Put simply, yes. This is not pseudo-science BS that I’m just preaching to scare you all. I will explore the scientific evidence that widely supports that sitting for long periods of time does much more harm than good.

But why is sitting the silent killer?

Standard night of studying for hours and slowly hunching over, till you eventually crawl into bed to ‘study’.

Sitting down commits a flawless, quiet killing because the victim is unaware of it potential harm that extends beyond poor posture and a numb butt.

The effects of sitting are easy to dismiss because it is almost a necessary part of life. Since many of us work from our laptop or computer, the immediate thought would to be sit down at our desks to do so, or lie in bed. Even in primary school, any kid who dare stood up was immediately told to sit back down. Like…

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2 thoughts on “Is sitting really a silent killer?”

  1. Hello,
    Interesting post, I enjoyed the read and pleasure to meet you. Thank you for taking time to visit my blog page and having a follow. I appreciate the support, look forward to reading more post from you.


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  2. A sedentary lifestyle is something new. Most people used to work the land mostly standing up it will be a long time until our body’s can make the transition from mostly standing to mostly sitting.


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