Phone Down! Head Up! Back Straight! Challenge


Students spend a lot of time staring at their screens, either watching TV shows, messaging their friends or just browsing the Internet and this is resulting in poor posture and other chronic diseases such as depression. It is important to take breaks, preferable every 20 minutes.

Today we are giving you a challenge to help you put down your phone and enjoy life. Go outdoors, explore, hang out with your friends or just relax without using technology.

The UNICEF Tap Project has created a challenge, where you can provide clean water for children depending on how long you go without your phone. You can open the UNICEF site on your phone browser and start the clock, if you touch your phone or pick it up the timer will stop. So the longer you go without your phone, the more you can help UNICEF and the children in need. Ten minutes without touching your phone can provide a child with clean water for a day.

People have gone for extended periods of time without their phones. Not only will this challenge test you but it will also prevent ‘text neck’ and allow you to connect with others in the outside world. So take the challenge today!

How long can you go without your phone?


Watch the video for more information:



Info graphic:


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