Yoga Poses For Better Posture

Recent studies have shown that yoga helps to increase well-being, reduce stress and even improve posture. Your posture influences your body alignment and overall health. Poor posture can worsen over time and lead to long-term aches and pains. A hunched posture restricts breathing and is considered a major factor of health deterioration, as you grow older. Older men and women with a hunched posture have a 44% higher death rate.

Improving your posture can help you feel better, more confident, have more energy and increase productivity. It can also prevent chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Exercise can strengthen muscles, which helps hold your body in the correct position. Exercising can also facilitate in weight loss, which also improves your posture. By getting up and moving your body this allows more oxygen to enter the brain which can enhance the growth of brain cells and help you de-stress.

Did you know that back pain is the most common health condition among young adults and close to $300 billion is spent on treatment of chronic pain?

Yoga not only strengthens specific muscles but it also improves breathing and relives back pain. Take a look below at some of the poses you can do on your own to improve your posture.

Do these yoga poses daily to notice positive changes in your overall well-being.





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