How To: Walk and Run

The way you hold your body is important and with so much time spent sitting hunched over at our desks, we have forgotten how to walk properly. Walking with good posture is critical and can prevent back pain.

Ideally you should stand tall and straight, do not lean forwards or backwards. Leaning too much can place pressure on your legs and back. Imagine there is a string attached to the top of your head and pulling you up. Your ears should be in line with our shoulders and your eyes should be looking straight ahead, not down! Your shoulders should be relaxed, if they’re tense then you will feel your neck and arms tighten and become more stressed. It is also a good idea to move your arms when walking, don’t swing to high but just slightly bend your elbows and move your arms across your body when you walk. Your core muscles can help you maintain good posture while walking. Gently tighten your stomach muscles, while still taking deep full breathes. Furthermore, wearing the correct shoes is also vital; as it can affect the way you move your feet. You should walk smoothly by rolling your feet from heel to toe.

Similarly, with running maintaining a good posture is important to your form. You should run “tall” and stay relaxed. Keep your chin up, loosen your shoulders and avoid clenching your fists.

By following these simple tips on how to walk and run, you will not only help improve your posture but you will also have a better workout.

Below is an info graphic, which look at the do’s and don’ts of walking and running.




Info graphic


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