Good vs Bad Posture

Is poor posture really that bad?

Yes, Poor posture is bad.

Remember when your mum used to always say, “stand up straight!” or “stop slouching”? As annoying as it is, she was actually helping you out, as good posture is important.

Posture is more than just appearance. Poor posture can have both short and long term negative effects on your body. It places stress on your muscles and affects your body alignment and overall health. It also communicates to others that you are bored, self-conscious and tired. If you are hunched over for an extended period of time then this often leads to back and neck pain and can also cause fatigue. Studies have shown that poor posture deepens depression among students. If you are feeling pain then listen to your body and take the necessary steps to change your posture. Don’t be trapped in the vicious cycle of poor posture where you suffer from pain and more pain.

Maintaining a good posture while sitting, standing or lying down is important.

Make a positive change in your life today and fix your posture.



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