Check Your Posture

Here is a quick and easy way to check if you have good or bad posture.

Give it a try!

Stand with your head, shoulders and back against a wall. Place your heels 5-6 inches forward (12.7-15.24 cm). There should be less than 2 inches (5.08 cm) between your neck and the wall.

If there is more than 2 inches (5.8 cm) between the back of your neck and the wall then this indicates bad posture or a curving of the spine.

Short-term effects of bad posture may not be evident yet as it is harder to test. Try to be more conscious about your posture and the way you’re standing or sitting.


Another way to check your posture is to face a full length mirror and see if your shoulders are level, your head is straight, your hips are level and your kneecaps face forward. You can also turn to the side and check to see if your head is upright (not tilting forward or backwards), your chin is parallel to the floor, your shoulders are in line with your ears and your knees are straight.

If you find that your neck and shoulder muscles are sore when you apply pressure then this is also another sign of poor posture.




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